Episode 73: People, Places, and Things: Let Go Of The Dead Weight with Naketa Thigpen, LCSW


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This week's BTP Straight Talk Series provided listeners a foundational outline on how to set healthy boundaries. This week's interview dives deeper on the concept and will set your soul on fire if it isn't already!!!

Our guest for this week's interview is Naketa Thigpen, LCSW, speaker, entrepreneur, coach to ambitious women and high-level executives, balance and relationship advisor, and Jasmin's breakthrough coach in the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. Ms. Thigpen enlightens us in deeply understanding the need for pause, boundaries, and asking for what you are worth.

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This episode will cover:

  • Winning Together
  • 6 week vacations every year...say what???!!!
  • Taking your "permission to pause"
  • Speak life to your goals
  • Asking for what you are worth
  • "Self-lovecation"
  • Let go of dead weight
  • Fear in the drivers seat
  • Be curious about your talents
  • Act now

Featured book:

Daring Greatly by Dr. Brene' Brown

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Beyond the Prophy LLC, www.beyondtheprophy.com

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