Consciousness Advocate and Experiencer Sebastien Martin Jan.27th 2019


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Sebastien Martin returns to the show and talks with Dave about his new book 'Inner Journey in Outer Space' along with his details about his latest projects with remote viewing, information about the SSP, his life as an E.T. experiencer and his latest documentary with Jonny Enoch and much more. Don't miss this awesome live interview!
Sebastien Martin is an Entrepreneur who has built international health food brands for over a decade with offices in the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. Sebastien had a close encounter of a 5th kind with a Stellar being who was believed to be from the Pleiades based on research Sebastien did online to realize he was actually Anunnaki. This experience occurred in his living room and had communications with him and the rest of his Star family ever since. This one of a kind disturbing experience has forced Sebastien to resort to the services of an hypnotherapist to help him with the anxiety arising from this life changing encounter. Detailed memories were extracted from these sessions, providing critical information about the Galactic Alliance agenda, split souls, human consciousness and much more.

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