Testing: David Hauser on Experimenting for Optimal Diet, Physical Activity, Sleep and More


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David Hauser is a serial entrepreneur who launched several companies before he began high school. David spent his youth working more than one hundred hours a week, until he realized the toll it was taking on his mind, body, and life. After failing to see results from conventional wisdom, he decided to do what he does best: innovate. His unique journey to wellness has helped him realize his life's purpose of empowering others to optimize their own lives by reclaiming their health.

David's new book is Unstoppable - 4 Steps to Transform Your Life in which he provides an open structure that encourages you to experiment with all the factors that contribute to wellness—from nutrition and exercise, to sleep, yoga, meditation, productivity, and more.

In this conversation David talks with Erik about the different experiments and tests he went through to compile his findings for the book.

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