BTV Ep204 VOIDTOBER BEGINS! Witchboard (1986) & Night of the Demons (1988) Reviews + Trivia 10_5_20


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VOIDTOBER BEGINS! That's right our Halloween Season has just begun. This week we are reviewing WITCHBOARD (1986) When a woman gets addicted to the Quija Net she thinks she meets a sweet 8 yr old boy who died but is a man who kills everyone who tries to help her. Then we review NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988) about Ten teenagers that party at an abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween night after a séance they unleash the demonic spirits to spice up the party. Plus, we ask you guys for a tagline for the show. Think you got a good one? Maybe we'll use it. All for VOIDTOBER! Week 1 of 4 down! EPISODE LINK Time Stamps HORRORSHOTS - 9:50 WITCHBOARD (1986) Spoiler Free Review - 13:40 WITCHBOARD Spoilers & Trivia - 27:20 NIGHT of the DEMONS (1988) Spoiler Free Review - 59:57 NIGHT of the DEMONS Spoilers & Trivia - 1:07:15 End of Podcast Talk - 1:38:20 So grab your Party Hats, be sure to bring your Quija Board and please don't forget to bring a large mirror as we travel Beyond The Void!

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