BTV Ep208 SPELL (2020) & The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) Reviews + Triva 11_2_20


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Time for some newer movies! That's right this week we picked 2 movies that just released in 2020. We review SPELL (2020) about a man and his family that crash land their plane and the father is held prisoner by a old hoodoo lady. Did his family survive and will he get out alive? Then we jumped into another movie that's part Comedy, Thriller & Horror. An alcoholic deputy who is also a father has to solve the mystery of some murders that might be victims of a werewolf. Will this deputy solve the crime before it's too late? It's all here this week on the podcast! Tune in and lock your doors it's time for some BTV! EPISODE LINK Time Stamps HORRORSHOTS - 9:22 Spell (2020) Spoiler Free Review - 13:33 Spell Spoilers & Trivia - 28:45 The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) Spoiler Free Review - 52:47 The Wolf of Snow Hollow Spoilers & Trivia - 1:07:14 End of Podcast Talk - 1:20:00 So grab your whiskey, be sure to bring your travel bag and please don't forget to bring a a 9 inch spike as we travel Beyond The Void!

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