BTV Ep209 Final Prayer (2013) & The Sacrament (2013) Reviews + Trivia 11_9_20


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This week we decided to dabble in religious found footage films. So, this week we review FINAL PRAYER (2013) aka The Borderlands. A group of Vatican scientists research a recent miracle that has been captured on video. Is it real or is there something more sinister happening? Then we review The Sacrament (2013) Directed by Ti West & Produced by Eli Roth which is essentially the Jonestown murders in a found footage film. A religious group that teeters on the edge of civilization is forced to face dire consequences by the hand of their leader. It's all this week! Chock full of trivia too! Join US! EPISODE LINK Time Stamps HORRORSHOTS - 4:22 Final Prayer (2013) Spoiler Free Review - 8:08 Final Prayer Spoilers & Trivia - 19:01 The Sacrament (2013) Spoiler Free Review - 40:42 The Sacrament Spoilers & Trivia - 56:10 End of Podcast Talk - 1:10:25 So grab your Cameras, be sure to bring your Cell Phones and please don't forget to bring Passport as we travel Beyond The Void!

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