BTV Ep219 February Extreme! A Serbian Film (2010) & Irreversible (2002) Reviews 2 1 21


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This week is the start of FEBRUARY EXTREME! Alex finally gets to delve into the extreme horror that he's been wanting to talk about. Much to Christina's dismay.. This week we delve into two controversial films that shook the world. Irreversible (2002) About a woman who is attacked in a Paris City under passage that turns extremely violent in this Gaspar Noe` film. Then we dive into the Grand daddy of them all... A Serbian Film (2010) Is about a retired adult entertainer who opts for one last job but it ends up to be the final job of his families life. These movies are EXTREME and are not for the faint of heart. They are not meant for the average viewer. We discuss what we think about both these movies in our spoiler free and spoiler reviews to kick off the first week! Episode Link: Time Stamps HORRORSHOTS - 9:49 Irreversible (2020) Spoiler Free Review - 14:04 Irreversible Spoilers & Trivia - 30:47 A Serbian Film (2010) Spoiler Free Review - 42:30 A Serbian Film Spoilers & Trivia - 1:01:30 End of Podcast Talk - 1:27:57 So grab your Eye Muffs, be sure to bring your Chuck Bucket and please don't forget to bring your Divorce Papers as we travel Beyond The Void!

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