Jia Tolentino: is the internet fuelling self-delusion?


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Jia Tolentino is a 31-year-old American writer who is being hailed as the voice of a generation. Her pieces for the New Yorker magazine nail everything from feminism to capitalism and vaping. Jia was born in Texas and brought up in a Southern Baptist community; as a teenager she starred in a reality TV show. Later she spent time working for the US Peace Corps in Kyrgystan. Her recently published collection of essays has become one of the most talked about books of the year. You can listen to Jia reading an abridged version of it on BBC Sounds. Just search for Trick Mirror. We speak to Jia Tolentino in New York about the downsides and delusions of living our lives online, and how it means we are like performers who are forever on stage. Presenter: Tina Daheley Producers: Alicia Burrell and Katie Gunning Mixed by Nicolas Raufast Editor: John Shields

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