Hugo Boss CEO Mark Langer about Sports and Brands – Episode 15


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Hugo Boss CEO Mark Langer about Sports and Brands – Episode 15

Hugo Boss CEO Mark Langer speaks about their historically long-term relationships to the field of sports. Subscribe to this channel, so you don’t miss the upcoming Podcast next Monday.

Hugo Boss has a credible long-term relationship to different sports: May it be Formula 1, Boxing, Sailing, Golf or Soccer. Anthony Joshua, Ayrton Senna, Martin Kaymer or Mats Hummels – there is a number of top athletes associated with Hugo Boss. Mark explained why Hugo Boss is such a strong partner in the field of sports and what it takes to be credibly involved. It’s been an honor having Mark on my Beyond Victory Podcast. He shared his interesting insights in the digitalisation in one of the biggest industries in the world – the fashion industry. We spoke about digital sales, future strategies and technologies, as well as about traditional qualities that it takes to be successful in both, business and sports. Mark also shared some of his life and business lessons of what it takes to build and lead a strong team. I am happy to share this episode with you and look forward to your feedback.

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