Ep.17-Anna Debenham, You are Not Broken


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Anna Debenham is the founder of the Insight Alliance, an organization that works with men and women in prison and in the community sharing two simple, but profoundly life-changing ideas:

  1. We have everything we need inside ourselves to lead a good life
  2. Our experience of life is being created moment to moment from the insight out by our thoughts.

At the heart of much of our suffering is our experience of life as something that is happening to us, rather than moving through us. As Anna puts it “We are feeling our thinking, not feeling the world around us.” Our minds create a virtual reality of the world that is so convincing that we usually can’t tell the difference between the world and the world as experienced through our thoughts. And it’s that world as experienced through thoughts that we become beholden to and, in that, lose the freedom to choose our path.

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