Autoimmune Protocol - The Paleo Way | Podcast #312


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Autoimmune Protocol - The Paleo Way | Podcast #312

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The AIP diet is an elimination and reintroduction protocol which aims to reduce inflammation in the gut, heal the gastrointestinal tract and in turn, reduce overall systemic inflammation. It is a diet targeted specifically at autoimmune diseases. We have Dr. J and Evan chatting about the benefits of this diet and how it can bring our body to a healthier state.

One of the biggest benefits of the AIP diet is its ability to alleviate inflammation, which is key to reducing symptoms of autoimmune conditions and promoting better health. Eliminating a few specific foods from the diet and filling up on nutrient-dense whole foods instead can have a powerful effect when it comes to inflammation.

The AIP diet is an elimination diet designed to reduce symptom severity in those with an autoimmune disease. The first phase of the diet restricts many types of foods that can cause inflammation and leaky gut. Foods are then slowly reintroduced and assessed for tolerance. The AIP diet is a stricter form of the Paleo diet, and many foods that are allowed on the Paleo diet are eliminated on the AIP diet, such as nuts, seeds, eggs and dairy products. Although this diet may be able to help relieve symptoms for those with an autoimmune condition, it should be paired with other healthy lifestyle changes to achieve optimal results.

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