Does Eating Healthy When Stressed Make You Feel Better? | Podcast #315


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Does Eating Healthy When Stressed Make You Feel Better? | Podcast #315

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Eating a healthy diet can reduce the negative effects of stress on your body and a healthy diet builds a solid, more enduring foundation for your body by reducing oxidation and inflammation and by helping to reduce weight gain. So in this video, we have Dr. J and Evan talking about how we can handle stress while trying to stay fit and healthy.

Of course, and especially when we're extra busy and, subsequently, more likely to be stressed, eating healthy is certainly not an easy habit to maintain. For many, prepping healthy meals doesn't always fit into a busy schedule and dining out is the norm more often than not. This generally contributes to a less healthy diet. We all know how easy it is to treat ourselves to that rich, high-fat meal we have been craving — but would usually not fix for ourselves.

For this reason, building a healthy food prep habit into your daily or weekly routine can greatly improve your overall diet, and eventually lead to reduced stress levels.

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