Graves' Disease And Hyperthyroid | Podcast #219


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Graves' Disease And Hyperthyroid | Podcast #219

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There are a lot of ugly things that could be in one’s health bucket. If one has Hyperthyroid, finger pointing is not enough. There is a need to turn over every rock and take a big shotgun approach through functional medicine.

In today’s podcast, Dr. J and Evan Brand discuss some of the essential points in Graves' Disease and Hyperthyroid. Learn why Hashimoto's can sometimes feel like Graves' when one has hyperthyroid or Graves', or high cortisol and high catecholamine. Also, learn how functional medicine can help address major side effects of different drugs while at the same time not going to something excessively drastic that will result in thyroid removal or ablation. Continue for more and don’t forget to share. Sharing is caring!

In this episode, we cover:

00:38 Drugs that Affect Thyroid

04:29 Acid Blockers

08:41 Fluoride-Containing Medications

14:03 Addressing at the Root Cause

20:04 Other Drugs That Affect Thyroid

24:48 Effects of Depleted Thyroid

25:39 Lithium Mechanism for Grave’s

29:54 Multivitamins and Borderline Hashimoto’s


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