Gut Health and Anxiety | Podcast #227


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Overcoming Anxiety Naturally | Podcast #226

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another awesome episode of the podcast!

Today, Dr. J and Evan Brand engage in part 2 on the podcast about anxiety. They are gonna be connecting gut health to anxiety, the lab tests to assess the root cause of why someone might be anxious, or moody, like what happened to Evan Brand as he shares his experience on anxiety, which could happen to you too!

Continue and learn for more! Don’t forget to share!

In this episode, we cover:

00:35 Effect of Various Medications, Digestion and Brain Chemicals

08:12 Lab Testing

11:05 Bad Bacterias

12:22 Home and Environment

19:44 Seeing the Whole Picture

16:55 Adrenal Testing

24:48 Thyroid Issues

26:24 Blood Sugar Level Optimization


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