Natural Allergy Solutions | Podcast #225


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Natural Allergy Solutions | Podcast #225

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Hello there and welcome to another awesome episode!

Allergies are issues that are caused by an immune system that is hyper-responsive. Stress in the stress bucket, antigens which are foreign compounds, are some of the big causes of the hyper-responsive immune system.

In this episode, learn the things to look at in the stress bucket such as food stress, emotional stress, exercise, too much, too little, infections, environmental antigens like cedar, dander, pollens and other things to help fix these issues in a functional medicine perspective. Answer why it tends to become a non-issue when one is healthy or when inflammation is under control. Also, learn why those little bits of antigens may be enough to tip one over when inflammation is already topped up and antigen or stress bucket is full.

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In this episode, we cover:

02:33 Hyper Responsive Immune System and Allergies

10:26 Nutritional Functional Medicine Options for Allergies

15:09 Fungal Infection Solutions

20:05 Quercetin for Mast Cells

28:13 Poor Breathing Solutions


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