Natural Herbal Support To Help Reduce Inflammation | Podcast #323


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Natural Herbal Support To Help Reduce Inflammation | Podcast #323

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Inflammation is our bodies' natural response against infection, injuries, wounds, and other forms of harm. However, inflammation can cause problems too. It is when some conditions are causing continuous inflammation resulting in tissue injuries along the way.

In this video, Dr. J and Evan Brand talk about some herbal remedies that might help you deal with yours or gear you to avoid unnecessary inflammation. Although there are anti-inflammatory drugs available in the market, some of these lead to unwanted side-effects or, perhaps, not useful.

For people with inflammatory issues, it's also good to consider natural herbs to manage it. Some natural herbs you can try are turmeric, ginger, and green tea since some evidence claims its effectiveness. These are generally safe, but it's still good to consult or discuss this with your physician to make sure that it fits you.

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