Natural Strategies to Help Relieve and Support Your Allergies Part 1| Podcast #313


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Natural Strategies to Help Relieve and Support Your Allergies Part 1 | Podcast #313

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Some people with allergies may find relief by using natural plant extracts and foods that will act as antihistamines. So in this video, Dr. J and Evan Brand talk about allergies and natural and functional medicine approach.

Antihistamines are common substances that prevent histamine activity in our body. Histamine is a protein that triggers symptoms of allergies, such as itchy eyes, sneezing, and a scratchy throat. Over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription antihistamine drugs are effective for symptom relief, but they can cause side effects, such as drowsiness and nausea. As a result, presence of side effects from drugs cause people wish to try natural alternatives.

Dr. J and Evan recommended initial things that can help you manage stress. Stress hormones wreak havoc in the body, especially in the immune system, making seasonal allergies even worse. Consider stress management methods such as meditation, taking time out for self-care, and avoiding over-committing your schedule. Constant house cleaning can get rid of many allergens and help relieve your symptoms.

Often, allergies will get worse by toxins within our body. The liver is a great negotiator of inflammation in the body, and when it is working overtime metabolizing our stress, alcohol, medications, and processed foods, allergies can flare up. Detox your body by eliminating fried foods, sugar, alcohol, and other toxins from your diet. For more detailed steps and solutions, don't miss out on the full podcast to fix or avoid allergies!

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