Overcoming Anxiety Naturally | Podcast #226


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Overcoming Anxiety Naturally | Podcast #226

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Here's another episode of Dr. Justin Marchegiani's for you all! In this episode, Dr. J is with Evan Brand to talk about anxiety.

From Evan's personal experience with mold in their home and other environmental stressors, he can't help but feel anxious about it. He would sometimes worry or fear that these molds would come back after treating them.

Anxiety happens to different people for different reasons. But these feeling of anxiety can be treated and we can overcome it naturally. Watch this video as Dr. J and Evan gives some tips about it, as well as answering to few questions from our viewers.


In this episode, we cover:

00:40 Mold Issues, Blood Sugar and Anxiety

07:22 Fructose

09:45 Emotional Stress

12:22 Fatty Acids

14:14 Going Organic

26:24 Blood Sugar Level Optimization


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