EP 30. Guest Christina Kantzavelos: Lifestyle Blogging for Those with Food Restrictions and Health Issues


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Christina runs an incredible gluten-free and autoimmune friendly blog. She shares all about her travels and provides food and lifestyle guides for those with food restrictions. As someone with Celiac disease and multiple chronic illnesses herself, Christina is a master at traveling with health conditions and finding the best food. She is also a licensed psychotherapist and life coach.

We had a blast talking with Christina about how she got into lifestyle blogging, her epic travels and making life work with food allergies and chronic illness. Christina has done so much in her life despite chronic illness, we think you’ll find her both motivating and reassuring about how to adjust life when you have health issues.

How to get in touch with Christina:

Instagram: @buenqamino and @beginwithintoday and @golden.erimos





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