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Today, I'm interviewing Chef Kelsey Morgan, a pastry chef currently working in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally from Sacramento, California, Kelsey originally started her life by getting a degree in theater arts. However, after college, she decided to follow her passion and attend the Culinary Institute of America, where she got her degree in baking and pastry arts. Since graduating, Kelsey has moved around the world, working in various kitchens in order to continue to hone her skills. She's currently just hosted a cake and ice cream popup with one of her culinary buddies, and I can tell you, it was a dream come true, because I was there. Kelsey's philosophy to professional baking is to approach each task with integrity and joy. She feels lucky to work in a field that allows her to share her work with so many other people. As she puts it, she wants to spend the rest of her career chasing the infinite possibilities of butter, sugar, flour, chocolate, and fruit.

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