World Relations with Israel Continue to Improve Including First Muslim Embassy in Jerusalem


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A few weeks ago, on Bible in the News, we spoke about the historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and what it could mean for peace in Israel – a prophetic requirement before the battle of Armageddon. This week we have seen further moves made among the nations, with Kosovo, another majority Muslim country, normalising its relations with Israel, and opening an embassy, not in Tel Aviv, but in Jerusalem – making Kosovo the first majority Muslim country to do so. In a joint agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, Serbia will also relocate her embassy to Jerusalem. These two countries join around six or seven other countries who are at this moment at varying stages of moving their embassies to Jerusalem. Only two days ago Malawi announced that for the first time they would send a diplomatic mission to Israel, and they are now due to become the first African country to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

The list of embassies in Jerusalem is steadily growing, only three years ago it was empty.

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