Storyboard on Faith: Why did God Allow Sin Into Heaven?


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Storyboard on Faith

This 10 part “Bible Storyboard” illustrates how FAITH in God or lack thereof has been central to the conflict between God and the devil since before the earth or mankind was created. In this short video we discus how the angels in heaven and mankind was created with a freewill. God did not create robots to mechanically worship him. God created us perfect with a freewill… so how did Lucifer fall? The Bible gives some hints to this ageless question.

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How Bible Story Boards were created:

Over the past several years I have released many Bible Prophecy videos on Daniel and Revelation. While the videos have been viewed and appreciated widely, I felt there was a need for a simple home prophecy study guide that an individual or small group could use to study the upcoming Great Tribulation story directly from their own bible. I felt that this study needed to be simple but also must fully cover the topic... a tough assignment!

Several months ago, I began to experiment with focusing a sheet of paper (front and back sides) on a single topic... I call this a “STORY BOARD”. My plan was like the old joke, “How to you eat an Elephant?” … “One bite at a time”. So how do I tell the story about the upcoming “Great Tribulation”? I’ll break it down into manageable ‘bite sized’ topics and dedicate a single “Bible Prophecy Story Board” to each topic.

So that’s what I have done. For example, I took the topic of the 144,000 witnesses in Revelation 7 and dedicate one Story Board to that topic. On the front side I segmented the page into 3 sections… #1 Heaven, #2 Earth and #3 the Abyss. I then selected key Bible Texts that apply directly to that ‘bite sized’ topic. I then placed the bible texts in chronological order. It’s interesting how many bible texts related to the Great Tribulation are in chronological order. Finally, I add a bit of visual interest with some simple artwork. Each story has a number of STEPS to its story line. Generally, I have 8 to 14 “steps” in each Story Board study. Each step on the Story Board has a number assigned to it for easy reference and to guide your study. I use the STEP number on the reverse side of each Story Board.

That it for the front side… 1. Bible Text, 2. Chronological Order (where applicable), and 3. Simple Artwork.

On the reverse side of each Story Board I reference each STEP NUMBER in my commentary. With limited space and the goal of covering a single topic on each Story Board sheet my comments are brief and to the point. Some may agree with my comments and some may be puzzled or disagree. That’s OK with me. Because this story, about the Great Tribulation, is so large and so foreign to most Bible students, you have to study several of my Story Boards before they start to ‘click together’ like a jig saw puzzle. Don’t give up without at least looking at the full 12 storyboards in volume #1.

If you want to purchase your own 12 sheets set of Story Boards email me your request at and I will send you details on how to purchase these. I am selling these postages free and at no profit in the USA.

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