The Golden Rule and the New Age: An Interview


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On this show I, Rich Procida, am interviewed on a New Age radio show called “Spiritual Emergency Training” by Lynne Mystic Healer. I talk about the Golden Rule and the Great Commandment that tell us to live a life of wholeness so that we bring into the our public lives the same welcoming and loving disposition that we bring to church or to our other spiritual communities. We are to love our neighbors, but they are not the only ones. We are to love our enemies as well. We are to be perfect as God is perfect, whose Sun shines on both the evil and the good and who sends rain to the righteous and the unrighteous.

This show is different in that I’m the one being interviewed. It is also a different show with a different host and a different audience. On the show, I address a New Age audience connecting us with scripture through the Golden Rule and the Great Commandment. An Evangelical caller offers a conservative opinion on social justice which presents an important reference point for aware lisenters. All spiritual people work to bring salvation to the world.

This is Rich Procida. I hope you enjoy this special edition of Bible Study for Progressives.

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