Escape to Judea and the Great Reversal: the Drama of the "Magnificant" (Luke 1:5-56)(Advent 4C)


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In this edited edition of the show, we read from the Gospel of Luke and ask why Zechariah was struck mute, and why Mary raced off to see Elizabeth, the wife of the priest. The law is an issue; Mary could be accused of adultery. The story actually posits a number of reversals as Mary's song reveals: God feeds the hungry and sends the rich away empty. The greatest reversal, of course, is the resurrection where a man executed as a criminal defeats death and becomes the King of Kings. Jesus' birth also presents another reversal. Professor Westfall and I will discuss the difference between the written law as applied by the religious authorities and the Law of God properly applied, and we will address the perils of literal interpretation.

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