Jesus and the Sign of Jonah: Judgment, Warning, and Invitation (Matthew 16:1-23)(Proper 16A/Ordinary 21A)


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This show features our own Bert Newton as he teaches his class on "Parody and Subversion in Matthew's Gospel." Jesus tells the disciples that "no sign will be given except the sign of Jonah." The sign of Jonah is a judgment against Israel, a warning of its impending crucifixion, and an invitation to join Christ on the cross and resurrection. Bert calls it the way of nonviolent prophetic resistance and martyrdom. Matthew wrote not long after the Romans destroyed the Temple and crucified thousands of Jews.

This is resistance literature. The way of the Cross is the way of resistance to the powers and authorities of this world. It is the way to the Kingdom of God, the new society and way of life where we care for our nation's needy and welcome the marginalized and foreigners.

I hope you enjoy this special edition of Bible Study for Progressives, in the classroom with Bert Newton.

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