Let Them Grow Together: God's Solution to the Problem of Evil (Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-42)


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Welcome to “Bible Study for Progressives,” a show where moderates, liberals and leftists of all faiths and ideologies come together to discuss scripture, spirituality and politics.

Today’s show is “Let them Grow Together: God’s Solution to the Problem of Evil.” We will read the parable of the Wheat and Tares from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 13, verses 24-30 and 36-42. Then we will discuss the problem of evil, God’s solution to it, and our role in God’s plan.

Our panel of commentators include:

The Reverend Tom Eggebean,

Professor David Westfall,

Doctor of Philosophy Joseph Dowd,

Thantra Missionary Satya, and

My father, the Reverend Carl Procida

My name is Rich Procida, and I write biblical commentary at ModernLectionaries.blogspot.com. Let’s begin.

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