Organizing at Church: Issues at the Intersection of Religion and Politics


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What is the relationship between spirituality and activism? What is the role of faith in politics? From abolition and the civil rights movement to anti-war activism and the Poor People’s Campaign, people of faith and their institutions have been at the forefront of social change. Concern for the earth and the welfare of humanity is at the heart of an aware and mature spirituality. Even Christians are discovering God’s cry for justice in the Bible.

Welcome to Bible Study for Progressives, a show where moderates, liberals, and leftists of all faiths and ideologies come together to discuss scripture, spirituality, and politics. On today’s show we have a panel discussion on organizing at church: issues at the intersection of religion and politics. We organized this panel at the Left Coast Forum 2018 where we discussed the legal, ideological, ethical, and practical implications of spiritual and religious activism.

I hope you enjoy this special edition of Bible Study for Progressives. This is Rich Procida. Enjoy.

Panalists include:

Rich Procida is an attorney and co-author of "Social Issues in Global Perspective: Pornography." He produces a podcast called “Bible Study for Progressives,” and writes on progressive Christianity and politics at He will address the First Amendment implications of spiritual activism and the theological, spiritual, ethical and scriptural bases for progressive Christian activism.

Lisa Snow is the author of “Mind, Media, and Madness: Alt Facts, Fake News, Russian Hacking, and What’s Next.” She will talk about the things that divide us. Whether they be religion, ideology, or political party, Ms. Snow talk about the role of the Christian Left in reversing the narrative will describe the media’s influence upon us and provide simple and practical advice on reducing the division in the country and on the Left.

Professor Joseph Dowd teaches ethics, philosophy and eastern philosophy at Cal State San Bernardino. He will address the philosophical and ethical issues raised by spiritual and faith-based advocacy.

Una Lee Jost is an Asian-American lawyer mom with a solo law practice focused on providing outside general services for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. She will share about her faith journey from her roots growing up in an Evangelical church to her current work engaging the community in support of progressive candidates and issues.

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