The Prophet Who Had to Die: Jesus and The Misuse of Scripture (Deuteronomy 18:15-20)(Epiphany B4)


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Welcome to “Bible Study for Progressives,” a show where moderates, liberals and leftists of all faiths and ideologies come together to discuss scripture, spirituality and politics.

In a world of fake news and political extremism, discerning truth from falsehood is important. Uncovering lies about the Bible is vital not only for Christians who seek truth from their scripture, it's vital to anyone who seeks to prevent religion from harming us. False biblical interpretations have led to terrible injustices throughout history all the way to the present day.

Honesty is the first rule of discernment. How are we to deal with some of the more difficult biblical texts? We have to deal honestly with scripture if we are to discern its true meaning.

On this month's show, we will read Deuteronomy 18 verses 15 to 20. The religious-political leaders of Israel likely relied upon this and other verses to justify executing Jesus. How we interpret the Bible can have life and death consequences.

We will lay out basic principles for discerning scripture. Then we will talk about what it means to be a prophet and how we can better discern false from true prophets. For the citations to scripture, please see my article “The Prophet Who Had to Die: Jesus and the Misuse of Scripture.”

Our panel of commentators include:

Author, Matthew Distefano

Professor Joseph Dowd

Author Lisa Snow,

Professor David Westfall,

And my father, the Reverend Carl Procida.

My name is Rich Procida, and I write at Modern

Let’s begin.

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