Who is Jesus: The Infancy Narratives, the Historial Jesus, and the Savior of the World (Luke 2:22-40)(Christmas 1B)


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Welcome to “Bible Study for Progressives,” a show where moderates, liberals, and leftists of all faiths and ideologies come together to discuss scripture, spirituality, and politics.

On this show, we will read Luke chapter 2 verses 22 to 40 and talk about Jesus. Who was he and who is he now? What was he like as a child? What should we believe about him today? To answer these questions we will briefly overview the infancy narratives, examine the findings of scholars, and consider the work of Christ.

Nearly all our information about Jesus comes from the Gospels. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus is described as "the savior of the world." Most Christians, whether liberal or conservative, share some version of this view.

The stories of his resurrection combined with the persistence of his followers sparked a mass movement that spread throughout the Empire and across the world. By his teaching, death, and resurrection he brought us "the way" to salvation. The question is: How did he do this?

Many of us are familiar with the modern view of Jesus as a human sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin, but there are other ways by which Jesus brings salvation to the world. Knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, the original languages of the Bible, helps us to understand the full meaning of the word "salvation." Once we recognize the full meaning of "salvation" we can begin to see the many ways by which Jesus came to save the world.

Come as we discuss this broad topic.

Our panel of commentators include:

Reverend Keith Giles, author of "Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb,

Reverend Bert Newton, author of Subversive Wisdom: Social Political Dimensions of John's Gospel,

Media Psychology Specialist Lisa Snow,

Professor David Westfall,

Journalist Winston Chua

And my father, the Reverend Carl Procida.

My name is Rich Procida, and I write at Modern Lectionaries.blogspot.com.

Let’s begin.

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