You Brood of Vipers! Condemnation or Warm Welcome? (Luke 3:7-18)(Advent C3)


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On this show, we will read Luke 3:7-18 where John the Baptist proclaimed the good news to the people. Each of the Gospels presents this scene with John the Baptist differently. In Luke, John is preaching to the crowds who were "filled with expectation." They've come to be baptized when he calls them "a brood of vipers." In Matthew, John is Baptizing people and then the scribes and Pharisees come on the scene, and then John calls them "a brood of vipers." Mark and John do not contain the "brood of vipers" comment.

This is Q material, the material contained in Luke and Matthew but not in Mark. Luke and Matthew have gone in different directions with the material. In Luke, John is preaching and interacting with the crowds in a jocular and entertaining way. In Matthew, it's a conflict with the Scribes and Pharisees. This leads many people to miss the tone of Luke and interpret it as if it were Matthew.

On this show, we will ask whether is such a bad thing to be "a brood of vipers." Our panel of commentators include:

Professor David Westfall,

Melvin Ismael Johnson of the Qumran Report and Drama Stage Qumran,

and my father, the Rev. Carl Procida.

My name is Rich Procida, and I write biblical commentary at

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