Bible Prophecy: What If Scripture Is Right and Everything Else Is Wrong?


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Join prophet Washington to hear and see in Scripture what God has Prepared for you? Bible Prophecy reveals God's Plan of Salvation for those who believe and the associated doom for those who don't believe. A prophetic word is purposed to give the divine counsels of grace already accomplished and the foretelling of the will of God for the hearer's future. THE GOOD NEWS for BELIEVERS BROADCAST with Pastor Mary Washington bringing a prophetic word from God revealing how Believers are to use the Holy Bible therapeutically to answer the issues of life. Radical Christians with Mary Washington ~ Saturdays at 9 am International Sunday School live discussion at 9 amPure Word for Everyday Christians Tuesday – Thursday at 8 pm Email your questions or comments. Submit a Prayer Request and We are praying for you. FMSM Ministry Team

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