MapR: A Proven Platform for Big Data and AI with Jack Norris


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In the world of platforms for Big Data, there is a lot of confusion and conflict. But one one of the early entrants to the market is still one of the most popular. Brett and Cory sit down with Jack Norris of MapR Technologies to learn how they’ve evolved over the years to become a truly unique data platform delivering a first class layer of “DataWare” in the enterprise stack. Learn from an industry veteran who understands the history of platforms and has an educated view on platforms of the future…and trust us, Jack is a super cool, interesting dude to hang out with for a chat!
This podcast was recorded at the fantastic O’Reilly Media AI Conference in NYC. In addition to interviewing great leaders in the AI space like Jack, the Big Data Beard team got to attend a variety of sessions and get a sense of the bleeding edge of AI. If you missed this conference, don’t worry there are three more left this year. Click here to get the schedule and promo codes to save you 15% off your conference pass.
FREE Training from MapR - this is huge that they offer this for free
Machine Learning Logistics Book - authored by MapR folks
Insatek - Australian Explosion as a Service
The Couple Next Door - book recommendation from Jack
Americans - Jack’s binge-worthy show
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