Episode 82 - Christiana Yebra, CEO of Vouch App!


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Join Kimberly and April as they talk to Christiana Yebra, CEO of Vouch App - a dating app where you can have your friends and family "vouch" for you!
Christiana Yebra is the CEO of Vouch, a Dallas-grown dating app and owner of Currently Events, a photo booth technology company. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in biology, she helped to launch and sell Texas’ first on-demand urgent care app. Christiana would go on to join a California-based med tech startup where she designed and implemented the company’s first multi-market consumer campaigns. After co-founding Millennial Clubs in 2016, a service and networking organization, Christiana has been consistently recognized as a thought leader in millennial business and culture by companies such as Red Bull, Startup Grind, and SXSW. She is passionate about many causes and places a special emphasis on empowering young girls to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.
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