Episode 53 - The Truth About CBD Oil with Artistic Organics founder, Kellie Kauten


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April and Kim, with guest Kellie Kauten of Artistic Organics - CBD Wellness discuss the truth about CBD Oil. They talk about the laws, the health benefits, the different strains, and what to look out for. I know you're curious! Hope you give us a listen.
Kellie Kauten is the founder and CEO of Artistic Organics - CBD Wellness located in Frisco, TX. Her journey began the way many do; she studied hard in college, received a degree, and went into a successful corporate career. With that success in corporate America came the sacrifice of heath, personal life and hobbies. It was after having children that she was able to take a step back and look at what she really wanted to do. Through a volunteer opportunity, she helped develop a personalized EMF/biofield product with a medical office. From there, other offices found out about her products and before long she was selling to functional medicine offices for several years. Shortly thereafter, as a result of her interests and the relationships she built with the doctors, she began to research CBD.
Her focus was to find a way to help medical professionals better treat their patients and also her own issues. It began with the willingness to conduct research in a new industry unfamiliar with most traditional and non-traditional doctors. She has a very high standard for quality and researched the best products and growing methods for the medical offices. That quickly snowballed into recommending and developing customized products as well as teaching and training on what she had learned. Her business grew to the point where she realized she needed a retail location. Artistic Organics – CBD Wellness was the first CBD store in Frisco. She now conducts monthly (free) classes to explain the industry and how people can understand this confusing new industry and help them find the right products. Due to their high standards, free consultations, and classes, they have been interviewed by CBS 11 news, Frisco Style magazine and multiple podcasts.

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