Episode 57 - BadA#s Babes - get ready to change your life with these ladies!


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April Melton - Professional Fitness Coach (and our awesome co-host), Amy Clark - Life Coach, and Sable Gonyea- Licensed Therapist, have joined forces and created one heck of a group that all women need to check out. We've all been there! Read that newest and greatest self-help book. Learned all the wonderful tips and tricks to change our lives, bought the work-out clothes, joined the gym, set the goals and then...crickets. Nothing! We gave up, give in.
These ladies have created a Self-Care workshop that commits to one book at a time, bringing women together who want to change their lives and create an accountability circle to help each other stay on track. It's a revolutionary concept and will change the lives and hearts of so many women.
If you struggle to stay committed and need that extra boost of accountability - listen to this episode and join these ladies in their next workshop, BadAss Babes – Sip and Self Care - Saturday, Oct. 12th at 10AM.

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