Episode 74 - The Gourmet Gilmore with Lindsey Hutson


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Lindsey Hutson - personal blogger, culinary artist, mother, wife, and full-time Marketing Coordinator joins Big Girl Pants podcast. Calling all Gilmore Girls lovers - If you love Julia and Julia (movie about Julia Childs and her super fan), you'll LOVE Lindsey Hutson's blog - The Gourmet Gilmore. She is committing to cooking and blogging about every recipe that airs on the Gilmore Girls in order that they air.
Not a Gilmore Girls fan, it's all good. We cover many topics around the guilt of being a working mother, finding our passion, and staying true to who we are as women, while committing to being the BEST momma's on the planet. :)
Join us for a great conversation and check out The Gourmet Gilmore on Instagram, give her a follow! While you're at it...give us one too. @biggirlpantspod

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