Episode 90 - Career Happiness Map Coaching with CEO Carol Maloney-Scott


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Join Kimberly and April as they discuss the road map to career happiness, whether you are just starting your career or trying to launch a new career mid-life, this episode is for you. We hope you join us!
Carol Maloney-Scott is the founder and CEO of Career Happiness Map Coaching, a practice dedicated to helping professional women who feel stuck in the wrong career create a path to a happier and more fulfilling work life.
Carol is also the author of the Smart Chick’s Guide to Career Happiness, a system for discovering your career passions and manifesting them into reality, and 8 fiction books under her Fun Feminine Fiction imprint. She holds an MS degree in Career Development, has over 20 years of experience in corporate and agency talent acquisition recruiting, training and coaching, and is a Certified Career Coach (CCC) with the Career Coach Institute (CCI).
When not inspiring women to achieve their career happiness, she lives happily ever after in Richmond, VA with her husband and miniature dachshunds, known affectionately as the Wiener Wonder Twins.

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