Bullying In Entrepreneurship with Dr. Mildred Payton


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In today’s episode, we sit down with Dr. Mildred Peyton discussing the evolution of bullying in the school system, in the workforce and in entrepreneurship. Bullying has become easier to mask and, as entrepreneurs and small business owners, we must have the hard conversations in order to properly prepare for partnership and business growth.
We asked:
What are best ways entrepreneurs can deal with and protect themselves and their brand online?
Here is Dr. Peyton’s response:
1. Be mindful that everyone isn’t authentic online, know that every opportunity isn’t a great opportunity for you.
2. You want to know who you’re engaging with!
3. Ask as many questions as possible
4. Define the benefits of partnering or working with someone.
5. Secure multiple domains. With your full name and full business name.
6. Make sure your products are copyrighted and trademarked (Need help with this, contact SOPH via SOPHConsultingLLC.com)
7. Seek Legal Advise
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