95: The House Hacking Strategy with Craig Curelop


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One of the most commonly asked questions in the BiggerPockets Forums is “How do I get started investing in real estate with no money?” Craig Curelop has the perfect answer to this question - House Hacking!

Craig shares his own story of three house hacks - and counting! We dive into the numbers, look at what makes a good property to house hack, and even talk about the different ways to hack your housing.

Craig also shares ways he dealt with people who didn’t understand what he was doing - including his family and most of his friends.

Craig even shares his biggest house hacking mistake - how not following his tenant screening protocol led to a terrible experience.

If you’re thinking about jumping into house hacking, this episode lays it all out.

In This Episode We Discussed:

  • Craig's journey with house hacking
  • Craig's numbers on his first house hack
  • What PMI is
  • Craig's PMI monthly payment
  • How he leverage his first house hack into the second house hack
  • Craig's numbers on his second house hack
  • The importance to consider the occupancy law
  • How he bought his third house hack
  • Craig's numbers on his third house hack
  • How he managed all his rentals
  • How to find a property manager
  • The idea of sacrificing comfortability and profitability
  • Advantages on house hacking
  • What kind of property makes for a good house hack
  • On luxurious house hack
  • Getting pushback about house hacking
  • Craig's biggest house hacking mistake and how to prevent it
  • Things that is important when it comes to house hacking
  • And SO much more!


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