290: 7 Paths to Financial Independence with Brandon & David PLUS Josh Dorkin Tells Us Where He’s Been!


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Are you ready to get really excited about the life possible through real estate? This show will go down in BP history as one of the foundational episodes: Brandon Turner and David Greene dive deep into seven unique and powerful strategies for building a real estate business that can fill your life with cash—not work. You’ll love the humor, the stories, the lessons, and the tips throughout! This episode is one you’ll come back to time and time again. Plus — as an added bonus — Josh Dorkin comes back to the BiggerPockets Podcast to explain where he’s been and what the future of the BiggerPockets Podcast will look like! Don’t miss a moment of this powerful show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Cashflow through rental properties
  • What a turnkey property is and who it’s for
  • BRRR Strategy
  • Challenges with BRRR investing
  • Note investing, lending, syndication, & crowdfunding
  • The scale of passivity
  • The first question David asks to people who want to do business with him
  • House flipping
  • Ways to become a CEO of a flipping business
  • Multifamily investing
  • Buying one house a year
  • The Stack
  • And SO much more!

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  • “The goal is to buy a house as cheaply as you possibly can and make it worth as much as you possibly can.” (Tweet This!)
  • “With every hire you make, your business should make more money.” (Tweet This!)

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