329: Financial Freedom Before 30 Through Just 10 Deals With Felipe Mejia


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Financially independent before 30 years old! Today’s guest Felipe Mejiasits down with Brandon and David and shares the incredible story of how he scaled from a $3,000 mobile home to 10 units and financial independence!

Felipe has created a unique system that involves multi-unit properties, short-term rentals, and leveraging others to help run his business. The result? He is currently crushing it!

You don’t want to miss the insanely powerful “no-why principle” he’s used relentlessly to succeed whenever he’s told no. Felipe also discusses how he leveraged the job of communicating with his Airbnb guests to buy his time back, and how he took advantage of a construction boom in his hometown to service its workers. He also talks about how he lost 30 pounds after realizing he was in the wrong profession, and how he bought a mobile home for $3,000 and then later got paid $30,000 for it!

This episode is jam packed with fun, exciting content and practical advice for those looking to exit the rat race and achieve financial independence through creative strategies with real estate.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How he took his disappointment from missing out on a police career and turned it into RE investing success
  • His “no-why principle”
  • How he got his wife to buy into his vision
  • How he took advantage of a booming construction industry to rent rooms out to builders
  • His advice for pushing through being told no
  • How he would listen to the BiggerPockets podcast in headphones while working in a construction job
  • Real estate replacing his full time job before age 30
  • Delegating the work of his various businesses
  • How he lives for free in Nashville
  • How he leverages out communicating with his Airbnb guests and loves it
  • How he got paid $30,000 on a property he paid $3,000 for
  • And SO much more!

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Tweetable Topics:

  • “Success is the other side of fear.” (Tweet This!)
  • “People stop at no and don’t ask why.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Do whatever works for you.” (Tweet This!)
  • “My rentals feed my life, my flips feed my rentals.” (Tweet This!)

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