383: Finding Your Perfect Partner and the Top 6 Factors When Choosing a Market with Ben Leybovich & Sam Grooms


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Interested in someday making the leap to bigger investments? Don't miss this one!

Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms join us for a high-level conversation about how they transitioned from flips and smaller assets to 100-plus-unit, value-add multifamily deals.

Since the first part of this show was recorded pre-coronavirus, we brought the guys back on to hear their thoughts on today's market and get an update on how their business is doing amid the volatility (spoiler: pretty well!).

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Finding the perfect partner for you
  • The 6 factors they look at when analyzing a market
  • Why Sam & Ben keep such a large reserve fund
  • Why investors sometimes overvalue cash flow
  • Why they like the Phoenix market
  • How to establish a competitive edge in real estate investing
  • How they look at multifamily syndication as "a long flip"
  • Why equity protects you
  • Buying insurance against interest rate increases
  • Hiring their own construction team
  • How they're adjusting to COVID-19
  • And SO much more!

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