10 Deadly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make with Brandon and David


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After yesterday's deep dive interview discussing 2 disastrous flip projects, we have a solo show for you today.

And the title says it all, really.

Brandon and David boiled down nearly 400 podcast episodes, countless forum threads, books, and real-life conversations, and their own missteps and now present: the Top 10 Ways Real Estate Investors Lose Money.

These aren't the only ways to go wrong in this business, but at some point you're in danger of falling into at least one of these traps.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Focus vs. spreading yourself too thin
  • The #1 way to lose money that you haven't thought of
  • Managing the people who manage your asset
  • What David calls "Spreadsheet magic"
  • Investing in areas with diverse employment
  • Over-renovating after watching too much HGTV
  • Inheriting tenants from a seller
  • Evaluating real estate agents
  • The myth of "more money down = more safety"
  • And SO much more!

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