352: No Driver’s License, No Money, No Excuses: How Diego Corzo Blazed a Trail to 18 Doors


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Eighteen doors by 29 years old by never taking no for an answer! We realize there are a lot of inspirational investors out there, but on today’s show, you’re going to be blown away by one of the best.

Brandon and David sit down with Diego Corzo, a “DREAMer” who moved to the United States with his family at a young age. Fast forward a few years, and Diego jumped headfirst into real estate investing, using house hacking strategies that will work for anyone.

You will be blown away by Diego’s story of how he rode a bike (with his suit in a backpack to avoid getting it sweaty) when he couldn’t get a driver’s license, how he got on the fast track to becoming a millionaire, and how he overcame a speech impediment, going on to give a TED talk!

You will love his fantastic advice on what to look for in a house hack property, which areas to look when investing, and how to target the perfect tenant market. You’ll also appreciate his thoughts on avoiding drama between roommates, vetting turnkey companies, and structuring partnerships. Diego goes on to share some solid info about why he prefers “B” neighborhoods over “C” and why doing your own math is so important when analyzing deals.

This guest is truly an incredible person with an incredible story—not to mention some pretty fantastic investing advice.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Diego owned 18 doors by 29
  • How he overcame not having a driver's license
  • What adversity can teach you
  • How he got on the fast track to becoming a millionaire
  • How he overcame his stutter to go on to do a TED talk
  • How he invests out of state
  • What he looks for in a home to house hack
  • How he bought his first property
  • How he bought a property with his father
  • Why he prefers “B”-class properties over “C”-class properties
  • How he vets turnkey companies
  • Why doing your own math is so important
  • What he looks for in someone he can trust
  • What he recommends in terms of choosing an area
  • His advice for structuring partnerships
  • How he recommends avoiding drama with roommates in a home
  • And SO much more!

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