507: Sacrifice, Failure and Pain, A 100 Days of Hell Success Story w/The Iron Cowboy


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Finishing a triathlon is a grueling achievement, only accomplished by those who are in peak physical and mental condition. Once finished, the top of the top go on to train for an Ironman, arguably the toughest triathlon on the planet. One hundred and forty miles of pain and pressure, broken up into a two-mile swim, a one hundred and twelve-mile bike ride, and a twenty-six-mile run. This is not a race for the faint of heart, and if you can finish just one, you have bragging rights forever.

What would it take for someone to finish not one ironman, not two, not ten, not twenty, but 100 consecutive Ironman races, back to back? Wake up, swim, bike, and run over one hundred and forty miles, go to sleep, and do it all over again. That’s what James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence did, smashing through world records and personal goals.

James sits down with Brandon and David today to talk about mental toughness, creating goals that scare you, gradually working your way up to mastery, and asking “what am I willing to sacrifice to reach the end?” James had to run a business, take care of his seven-person family, and compete for more than a quarter of a year straight. If he can conquer one of the greatest physical and mental feats the world has ever witnessed, what’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals?

In This Episode We Cover:

Pushing yourself past the limit to see what you’re truly capable of

Breaking multiple world records and developing mental toughness

Why your goals should scare you enough to pursue them

Why you don’t need to 10x your output and the importance of small steps

Finding what you’re willing to sacrifice to reach your goal

Why every great athlete, entrepreneur, and leader needs a rockstar team

Choosing the person who “doesn’t break” under hard circumstances

And So Much More!

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