131: Podcast #131: Vic & Bob's Big Night Out, This Mortal Coil Reissues & The Kominsky Method on Netflix


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They wouldn't let it lie.

Spam! Pants! Soil! Is the all-new Vic n Bob's Big Night Out all we've been expecting from a big night in? The Kominsky Method on Netflix stars Mr Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, as ageing acting coach Sandy Kominsky - we ponder this dark, comedic "later life" series.

Plus with new reissues of the three This Mortal Coil albums on 4AD, we listen to Ivo Watts-Russell's ethereal studio collective and debate whether it still packs a punch 27+ years on.

And goodbye Nic Roeg, director of Performance, Man Who Fell to Earth, Walkabout and more.

Music boffins Rob Fitzpatrick and Hannah Verdier join Siân. Support BIGMOUTH and get a little extra from the podcast every week – buy us a virtual pint via the crowdfunding platform Patreon.

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