BRR Ep 74 Parakram Hazarika part II - on the Long Way Home


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It perhaps all started with the cave paintings. A canvas perhaps of one’s identity. The most prized portrayal of one’s achievements. As time went by the expression found its place as the mantel piece, or the framed photo with a celeb, the Hussain in the living room, but the Yamaha RX 100 in your bedroom?
That is our guest, the enigmatic Parakram Hazarika! They say a bird in hand is worth two in bush but this man who has a weakness for the momo suffers a FOMO with his RX in bed and Jajabor and Enajori his go to town rides, in the basement.
This is part two of the intriguing story from the exciting life of Parakram Hazarika. A romantic, a dog piper, a dogged foodie, a momo devourer, a PR mercenary with a marketing battle, a traveler, a biker a beardo and thank God another weirdo. Also featuring Col. Manoj Keshwar on #MyWay from #Zanskar.

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