143: Create Viral Videos with Travis Chambers


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Check out this week’s episode where Nicholas interviews Travis Chambers.

Travis Chambers was named one of the 30 under 30 Forbes list of marketing and advertising.

Listen and learn how he went from having his dream job that left him feeling no purpose to creating his own agency that’s doing millions of dollars every year and learn how you can do it too.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:32] Entrepreneurial Journey

[3:24] Not Being Fulfilled By Dream Job

[7:39] Having Side Hobbies

[12:06] Figuring Out What You Want Out Of Life

[17:56] Creating A Viral Video

[23:22] Pressures Of Video Going Viral

[30:42] Finding A Balance To Build

[35:06] Transition To Building A Business

[44:31] Merging Skill Sets


  1. Know what life you want to live.
  2. Sometimes you have to first learn how to play someone else’s music before you can write your own
  3. It’s not about changing the action but instead, change the intention of why you’re doing it.


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