Binary System Podcast #173 – Welcome to Night Vale #146 “The Birthday of Lee Marvin”


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On this week’s Night Vale recap it’s time to grab a plate of imaginary corn with some theoretical butter and celebrate the birthday of Lee Marvin and…wait, hang on….we’ve been here before

Yes it’s Lee Marvin’s birthday again. Every day is Lee Marvin’s birthday. The sun may go cold and the forests of the dark planet go silent and Lee Marvin will still sit in his house and have the same number of cornflakes for breakfast every day forever.

(‘Scuse us, we’ve freaked ourselves out and now we’re going to go hide under the bed.)

To cheer ourselves up, we also talk about the new Star Wars trailer and the ReyLo shippers (bless you guys: we don’t ship Rey and Kylo Ren but you sure have some nice fanart), and then mention The Good Place, Russian Doll, Umbrella Academy, Doctor Who, Narcos Mexico, and all the other shows that one or both of us really need to finish watching.

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