Binary System Podcast #174 – We didn’t do our homework.


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The scene: an elegant sitting room.

Elizabeth: My dear twin, what did you accomplish this week?
Kathryn: Why I caught up on that show you recommended. And you?
Elizabeth: Oh I finished that book you suggested!
Kathryn: We’re so productive!
Elizabeth: We should celebrate by seeing Endgame tomorrow.
Kathryn: Agreed. And by the way, your tea is just lovely.

They clink teacups.

Yeeeeaaaah, so none of that happened. We didn’t get caught up on shows, we didn’t finish any books, and you know it’ll be two weeks before we go see a Marvel movie. Oh, and Elizabeth’s tea is awful.

Okay fine, we did some things. Kathryn watched one more episode of Russian Doll and The Good Place. Elizabeth read a few more pages of the Limetown novel. So we talk about those, plus weird New York performance art, Frankenstein collaborations, and how the Alamo Drafthouse is militant about not talking during the movie, which is part of why we love them.

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